• Board Games
    Serious topic, seriously good game

    Can losing be...fun? Pandemic creator Matt Leacock joins us to talk about the hit board game and how his training as a user experience designer informs his approach to game design.

  • Meatless Burgers
    Designing the Impossible Burger

    What makes meat taste like meat? Impossible Foods senior flavor scientist Laura Kliman joins us to explain how her team designed a vegan burger that even meat eaters can’t help but love.

  • Haunted Houses
    The UX of fear

    The best haunted houses are more than just jump scares. Scott Simmons, creative director at Pittsburgh’s Scarehouse, joins us to explain how he uses sociology, physics, and even geometry to bring nightmares to life. Feature quote: A perfect haunted house will make you feel like you’re the star of your own scary movie.

  • Bookstores
    Redesigning retail in a post-Amazon world

    The Internet was supposed to kill bookstores; instead, it’s revitalized them. Nancy Bass Wyden, owner of New York City’s bookstore-meets-cultural-institution The Strand joins us to talk about how the store has reinvented itself for an age that’s anything but post-retail.

  • Weddings
    Designing the perfect day for a new generation

    Millennials aren’t killing the wedding industry, but they are reshaping it. Jess Levin Conroy, co-founder and CEO of wedding vendor directory Carats & Cake, joins us to discuss how the site’s approach to user-focused design has helped it respond to the shifting demands of a new generation of couples.

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